NEGRIL, Jamaica, W.I.

Certainly, our vacation has quite a lot to offer. We are fortunate to be hosted by one of the most decadent adult resorts in the world. Our week long itinerary features theme parties, fashion shows, workshops, and the most highly respected performers, models and fashion designers in the worldwide fetish community.

But when all is said and done, our events are most successful because of the quality and energy of our guests. From all walks of life and occupations our guests converge on this tropical paradise with one common goal... to check reality at the door, exhibit their individualism, release their voyeristic desires, and freely indulge their fetish-erotic passions. And believe me, we do!

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We have grown to truly become an International family of pervy friends, drawing fetish singles and couples from all around the world. To date we are thrilled to have had friends join us from the UK, Ireland, Paris, Australia, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Sweden, Poland, Prague, The Czech Republic, Russia, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Belgium, Brussels, , Italy, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Argentina, India, Hong Hong, Tokyo, Thailand, The Phillipines, The United Arab Emirates, and of course, all four corners of the United States.

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