Force Majeure:

The performance of all agreements made between Kink Events and all attendees is subject to any/all circumstances which might make it either illegal or impossible to provide use of the venue facilities, including Acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder or curtailment of transportation facilities. All agreements may be terminated for any of the above reasons by written notice from Kink Events.

Cancellation / Postponement of the Event:

If the event is cancelled due to any reason stated above, with the exception of legal of government regulations which would prohibit Kink Events from continuing the event, the event promoters will reschedule the event within six (6) months or within a reasonable time period as provided by the circumstances which caused the event to be postponed or cancelled. Kink Events will provide as much advance and written notice as possible to inform attendees of any change to the posted date and time of the event. In addition, any and all pre-paid and pre-registered attendees will hold harmless Kink Events, it's members, it's staff, it's temporary employees, co-sponsors of the event or any event-related events for any Force Majeure as defined above, which forced the event to be temporarily cancelled or postponed.

Kink Events, it's members, staff, temporary employees, co-sponsors or any event-related events are not responsible or liable for any claim, action, damages, costs or other expenses including, but not limited to, loss or change of air fare and any associated fees thereof, hotel fees or pre-registration fees suffered by any paid and pre-registered attendee due to any Force Majeure which forced the event to be temporarily cancelled or postponed. Any and all pre-paid and pre-registered attendee fees will be honored by Kink Events when and if the event is rescheduled (with the exception of legal or Government regulations resulting in cancellation or postponement).

Dispute Resolution:

Kink Events and any party bringing suit against said Corporation agree to use it's best efforts to resolve any disputes through informal means. In the unlikely event that formal action must be taken, all parties agree that the exclusive venue for any and all disputes arising out of any agreement written or verbal shall be in the Country and City in which Kink Events, Inc. resides. To the extent allowed by law, the parties hereto hereby waive the right to a jury trial in any action or proceeding regarding the dispute of any and all agreements whether verbal or written.

Cancellation Policy:

Caliente Resorts maintains a "No refund" policy. As such, there are absolutely no refunds on monies collected. The full amount however will be credited towards a future stay at either of Caliente's properties in The Dominican Republic or Tampa, Florida with a one (1) year expiration date.


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